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VOV BacSi24 allows patients and doctors to conduct online consultation through Video Call.

About VOV BacSi24

VOV BacSi24 is an application for online medical examination which allows patients and doctors to conduct online consultation through Video Call.

When a patient needs medical checkup, he could register online consultation with the doctor on VOV BacSi24 instead of spending lots of time and efforts for travelling, registration and waiting at hospital or clinics. The application will send notification to the selected doctor and there will be a Video Call for online consultation.

The system of VOV BacSi24 which connects a network of more than 1500 leading doctors from central hospitals allows timely medical examination and savings of money, time and efforts simultaneously.

VOV Bac si 24

Problem faced by VOV BacSi24

Trước khi sử dụng giải pháp của Stringee, VOV BacSi24 đã tìm hiểu nhiều giải pháp khác nhau để giúp bệnh nhân liên lạc với bác sĩ qua Video Call.

Before Stringee, VOV BacSi24 has considered various solutions for Video Call between doctors and patients. Several available applications provide a video call feature: Zalo, Skype… However, using these apps is not convenient because it requires installing, registration, searching for the other contact and making friends before the doctor and patient could really connect. In addition, VOV BacSi24 could not manage the video call on the outside apps resulting in uncontrollable service quality and user’s feedbacks.

VOV BacSi24 would have to invest heavily in video call features if they want to build by themselves. This development process also takes a lot of time. Then, they would face double problems: They have less resources for developing others features to enhance user experience while the time-consuming nature of development process could make the output obsolete at delivery because customers need change quickly.

How Stringee helped VOV BacSi24 solve their problem?

Saving a lot of money and reduce the time spending on app development.

VOV BacSi24 employ Stringee Video Call API Solutions to integrate video call feature in their app.

Stringee package integrated video call solution in an available SDK, therefore, VOV BacSi24 could install quickly into their current app platform. Doctors and patients are now making a video call on VOV BacSi24 just by pressing the icon. This helps VOV BacSi24 avoid wasting a lump sum of money and years on developing the features by themselves. They now have the freedom to focus strongly on the development and delivery of other features for enhancing user experience.

Thanks to the shortened development period, VOV BacSi24 has now become one of the pioneer apps for online medical examination/consultation in Vietnam and it is recommended by the Ministry of Health to all people for distant checkups amid Covid-19 pandemic and as a leading app in healthcare digitalization. During Covid-19, doctors from notorious hospitals including Military Hospital 198, Military Hospital 345…has participated in a free medical consultation with patients by video call on VOV BacSi24 app.

Improve user experience and effectiveness of solution.

With video call solution by Stringee in VOV BacSi24, doctor and patient could connect easily just by touching an icon on the screen, the system would automatically connect the online video call.

By connecting video, doctors could recognize symptoms, hence, provide more correct diagnosis and consultation.

In addition, the audio recording of the call would be automatically saved in patent’s profile so that he/she could replay at any time.

Thousands of patients have been timely supported by VOV BacSi24 using video call solution of Stringee.

Mr. Vu Quang – representative of VOV BacSi24 said “With Video Call API Solution by Stringee, we could save a lot of time for app development and could focus all of our efforts on development and delivery of other important features to create the best user experience. We are very pleased with Stringee product: high-quality pictures and audio, smooth video communication to facilitate consultation service between doctor and patient”.

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