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GrapViet uses Stringee Call API to add an app-to-app call feature to their app that lets drivers and passengers call to each other for free, as well as their employees can call the driver via app.

About GrapViet

GrapViet is a ride-hailing app like Uber. Currently, GrapViet has three core services: GrapBike - 2-wheel motorcycle service, Grap Car - 4 wheel drive service for individual drivers who wish to increase income; Grap Taxi - a service cooperating with taxi companies across the country to provide a ride-hailing solution on the GrapViet app. In near future, they’ll provide Grap Luxury - a luxury car service.

Until now, just over 4-month after they officially launched, GrapViet has acquired nearly 180,000 users in the whole country.


Problems that GrapViet encountered

Both drivers and passengers who want to communicate with each other have to make a phone call. Each call takes 2-3 minutes, which costs from 2000 - 3000 VND, if the ride is short, this is quite significant cost (maybe up to 10% of ride fare).

Passengers whose phone number are exposed will have a risk of being harassed after each car.

How Stringee help GrapViet solve this problem?

With Stringee Call API, GrapViet has built the in-app voice call feature into their iOS / Android app, as well as into their CRM so that employees can call drivers for free.

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