Bring amazing experiences to your users.

Users can contact each other via app for free (or very cheap cost). It is very convenient and confidential without having to reveal their phone numbers to each other.

Receive calls even if the app is not running

Even if the app is not running, users can still receive incoming calls through Push Notification which is already embedded in Stringee SDK.

Monitor users’ activities better

Users connect to each other directly on your app without using a 3-party app or through telcos, thus you can better understand the behavior of users or monitor calls’ history.

Useful for apps like


Ride hailing app

Free call feature will help drivers and passengers contact each other directly through app without costing phone fee as well as protecting their private phone number.


Market app

The free in-app calling feature can help buyers and sellers contact each other more easily.


Apps for service providers

Any apps that provide services for service providers and end-users, for example: restaurant reservation, law advisement, health advisement, etc.


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