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Increase revenue from maintenance and warranty services thanks to StringeeX contact center’s effective call and customer information management.

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About Head Honda Cao Son

Head Honda Cao Son is the largest authorized distributor in Bac Ninh city specializing in selling Honda cars. With attentive customer service, Head Honda Cao Son becomes a trusted destination for customers in Bac Ninh and surrounding areas when it comes to buying, repairing, maintaining and caring for cars.


The problem that Head Honda Cao Son encountered

With a large number of new customers buying every month and a lot of old customers, Honda Cao Son sees the potential to significantly increase revenue from regular car repair and maintenance activities. In order to optimize this new revenue, Honda Cao Son wants to promote customer care activities such as calling to remind customers of oil change schedule, car maintenance schedule, etc.

However, taking care of 500 customers a month with mobile phones faces difficulties such as: unable to manage service quality, difficult to control employee efficiency, inadequate storage information, restricted contact list, etc.

How has Stringee helped Head Honda Cao Son solve this problem?

Head HONDA Cao Son selected StringeeX contact center to manage customer information effectively; thereby increase sales from maintenance, car care and customer satisfaction.

Save on call charges

Stringee helps Head Honda Cao Son convert their hotline numbers to SIP numbers - suitable to be call center numbers. Thanks to this solution, Honda Cao Son's monthly call charges dropped by almost 30%. Besides, call center agents can simultaneously make multiple calls to multiple customers via the same number instead of 1 call at a time as before.

Easy to manage customer information

StringeeX call center allows Honda Cao Son to manage all customer information from phone numbers, vehicle information, purchase, maintenance history, on the system with only one software - StringeeX.

When customers call, their information is automatically displayed so employees can quickly answer, reduce waiting time, increase customer satisfaction. Agents can also easily monitor the customer's vehicle status such as oil change schedule, spare parts maintenance, etc. to call to remind customers, significantly increasing revenue from these activities.

Thanks to the reporting, recording and tracking features for management on StringeeX, Honda Cao Son owner can easily monitor the quality of customer service and the overall business situation of the company.

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