Back to Customer Stories uses Stringee Call API to generate auto debt reminders, reducing the number of personnel in debt reminder up to 70%.

About is the first peer-to-peer lending platform in Vietnam.

This is the first time in Vietnam, individuals who have demand for borrowing small loans in a short period of time can register online via mobile phone. Loans are introduced to private investors on e-wallet, 100% of both principal and interest is disbursed and secured by


Problems that encountered

There are thousands of debts due daily. 1-3 days before debt maturity, staff will call the borrower to remind them of the repayment schedule.

With such fast growth, needs an automated solution to minimize overloading their employees with reminding debts.

How Stringee helped solve this problem? uses Stringee Call API with text-to-speech technology to automatically generate calls to the borrowers, detailing the loan amount, the interest amount and the total amount of money they have to pay

Phone numbers are also changed randomly to assure the highest rates of borrowers phone pick-up.

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