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Ahamove collaborates with Stringee to improve communication between drivers and customers with Voice Call API

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About Ahamove

Established in 2015, Ahamove is a professional on-demand logistics brand possessing the most modern technology platform in the region optimized for local needs, meeting all the transportation needs of consumers and business owners.

Ahamove provides services that help more than 300,000 shop owners and business owners deliver goods in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and 7 other cities with rapid speed, reasonable cost, and a huge shipper team.

With the advantage of a team of technology engineers specializing in solving regional problems, Ahamove provides both customers and drivers with tools to increase work productivity and maximize benefits such as SaaS operating management or route optimization mapping technology.


Unable to control drivers’ calls to the customer

Ahamove's delivery service uses normal voice calls. This is the biggest drawback because the driver works separately from the customer, which can be risky for Ahamove. It is impossible for the Ahamove management team to manage the driver's call with the guest. They don't know how the staff communicates with customers, whether the service quality is good or bad...

Information about customers using Ahamove's delivery service is also difficult to manage and store for future market research. In addition, Ahamove also cannot listen to the recording of calls between the driver and the customer to evaluate the service quality as well as evidence to resolve conflicts between the driver and the customer (if any) later.

Reveal customers’ phone numbers

Calling via regular mobile numbers also has the problem of customer information security. Ahamove drivers may know the customer's phone number for personal use and may harm the customer.

Many customers are also uncomfortable with revealing personal phone numbers to avoid nuisance. Today, personal phone numbers can be linked to social networking accounts such as Facebook, from which crooks can use personal phone numbers to search for other personal information.

Victims whose personal information is revealed can be attacked in many different forms such as being disturbed, harassed, and potentially at risk of having their sim stolen, and taking over their accounts.

Drives need to pay for call fee 

When a driver makes a voice call to a customer, they will have to pay the phone charges. It reduces the profits of Ahamove drivers, making it possible for them to choose opponents to work with. Since then, the competitive advantage of Ahamove delivery service has decreased compared to competitors in the same industry.

Realizing the disadvantages of voice calls, Ahamove's management team chose the Stringee Voice Call API solution integrated into the Ahamove app for delivery service. Currently, Ahamove applies this solution to 50,000 working drivers, with 50 voice channels to be operated.

The Stringee Voice Call API solution eliminates all the outstanding disadvantages of using traditional voice calls for driver-customer communication. Hence, it helps to increase the competitive advantage of Ahamove's delivery service compared to competitors in the same industry.

Manage calls conveniently

Overcoming the biggest drawback when using regular voice calls, Stringee Voice Call API helps Ahamove's managers to monitor calls between users (driver, shipper, consignee) with each other. Thus, Ahamove can control the call quality to evaluate its drivers as well as employees.

Using Stringee API, Ahamove can get call information including call detail reports, real-time monitoring as well as recording files to save on the current system for management, storage, and evaluation in the future.

Secure customer information 

Instead of contacting customers (shippers/consignees), Ahamove delivery drivers will connect with customers directly on the Ahamove app to make calls without knowing their personal phone numbers. This upgrade helps keep Ahamove customer information secure, preventing bad guys from stealing personal information and spreading it illegally.

Save costs for drives when communicating with customers

In addition to protecting customer information, Stringee Voice Call API also contributes to saving costs for drivers when communicating with customers. App-to-app calls are completely free over the Internet or incur a very low cost compared to regular voice calls.

Replacing traditional voice calls with Stringee Call API for delivery service gives Ahamove a big step forward in call management by storing call recordings for quality control. In addition, Stringee's solution does not reveal the customer's mobile number and saves the driver costs when making calls.

All of these improvements contribute to Ahamove's competitive advantage over its rivals in the market.

After successfully implementing Stringee's solution into the Ahamove application, in the future, the 2 units will continue to discuss and deploy more solutions to manage employee communication with users and apply them to both services and food delivery. These improvements promise to bring a great experience to customers using Ahamove.

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