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eDoctor uses Stringee Programmable Contact Center API (PCC API) to build a Contact Center system into their CRM, helping consultants answer health problems and make appointment in a better way.

About eDoctor

eDoctor is a healthcare application which enables users to connect with doctors via smartphone. By 9/2018, this app has acquired more than 160.000 users with over 500.000 questions made about health.

Beside answering free questions, eDoctor builds a platform that helps users make appointments at clinics, ask for physical examination and conduct a testing procedure. This platform is quite complete that it allows users to create online medical records to track their medical examination and treatment, as well as their family’s medical history.


Problems that eDoctor encounter


Customers who make an appointment on eDoctor web/app have to leave their information: phone number, name, email,… Then, eDoctor system will assign these information to their employees in order to confirm the schedule as well as provide customers more information. In addition, customers can call eDoctor's call center for further information as well.

With the traditional Contact Center system, it’s very inefficient for eDoctor’s employees to call customers because CRM and Contact Center are two independent systems. When the customer calls back, employees do not know the customer information (personal information, booking requirements, ...), which results in a bad experience for customers.

Moreover, it is too hard for customers to meet the right person in charge as the Contact Center delivers the call randomly ( or rotated ).

How Stringee help eDoctor solve these problems?


After using Stringee PCC API to build a Programmable Contact Center into their CRM, eDoctor have solved matters mentioned above, creating a better experience for their users:

Click-to-call: Call customers directly on the CRM with just one click
Answer the call directly on the CRM, display the customers’ information immediately
Route the incoming call to the right person in charge

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