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TOPICA uses Stringee Call API to build a softphone app for their outsourced telesales, which is used to call their students to consult them about courses.

About Topica

Topica Edtech Group is a leading online education group in Southeast Asia. Topica has more than 1400 full-time staffs, 1000+ part-time lecturers from Manila, Singapore, Bangkok, Hanoi, HCMC, and Danang.

Topica group provides online education solutions including Topica Uni (an online Bachelor's degree program), Topica Native (an online learning English program), and Edumall (an online education platform).


Problems Topica encountered

Students who enrolled Topica English courses on website will have to leave their phone number so that Topica staffs can call for advice, confirm their, and arrange an exam to evaluate skills as well.

With the incredible increase of students, Topica has to hire outsourced part-time telesales to take care of them. These telesales do not work in Topica offices so they can not use Topica’s telephones to call students.

How Stringee helped Topica solve problems?

By using Stringee Call API, Topica has built a mobile app for telesales to call students directly from the app anytime.

These calls are recorded and loged in the system that helps Toipca evaluate the quality of consulting as well as consider whether the evaluation of student accurate or not.

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