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Logivan applies Stringee Call APIs for App-to-App calling, Masked Phone Number and uses Stringeex to manage Telesales' calls

About Logivan

Founded to capitalize on the fertile logistic market that currently takes up 23% of Vietnam's GDP, Logivan is an app that connects truck drivers who have empty cargo boxes on their way back with business owners who need to move goods depending on the trip and weight of goods.

With 2 separate apps for Drivers and Shop Owners all over the country, Logivan automatically connects them with each other based on the relevancy of the trip, weight of goods, etc. With Logivan, truck owners/ drivers are earning 30% more than before while business owners get fast and safe delivery at a reasonable price.




Call Center

Telesale is the main channel where Logivan introduces their services to drivers, shop owners because customers from these segments are not online regularly, which can prove to be hard to reach via social media’s ads. In August 2019, there are 130 call agents working for Logivan, with a 60% growth rate on human resources each month.

Logivan needs a call center system that satisfies 4 different requirements: can be easily expanded when they hire more people, flexibly deployed anywhere without the restrictions of traditional call centers, effectively manages multiple calls at once while simply keep and track customers’ information.


Logivan needs a platform that can unify data stored on 3 separate systems ( call center, CRM and the Logivan app) in order to maximize their efficiency.

For example, when a problem arises and drivers/shop owners call in for consultation, agents can’t efficiently juggle between 3 systems comparing information to find a solution for the customer’s problem.

Security & Pricing

Logivan needs an affordable solution for communication between shop owners and drivers that guarantee high security and minimize risk that comes from shop owners and drivers independently contact each other outside of the Logivan app system.

How did Stringee help Logivan solve these problems?

Logivan chooses StringeeX smart contact center as well as integrating Stringee APIs into their system to solve their problems.

Quickly expand their contact center into many areas

With StringeeX, Logivan can easily and simultaneously open multiple accounts for call agents. With this solution, Logivan doesn’t have to waste capital investing in hardware while also cutting cost on maintenance and operations. Calls can also be directed to agents’ cell phones so that they can answer anywhere without the risk of power outage jeopardizing their work.

On top of that, StringeeX allows Logivan to easily setup new call centers in different cities ( Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh City, etc.) with different groups of specilized agents, different phone numbers. With StringeeX, expansion is no longer a worry for Logivan.

Easily managed call center and customers’ data

Logivan’s management team can monitor each call and work efficiency of the whole system in real time. Besides, Stringee supports a variety of reports and statistics, ready for quality assurance anytime.

StringeeX has the ability to spot returning callers, automatically create tickets and save callers’ information which helps agents tremendously with customer’s data.

Unifying data on different platforms

Logivan chooses to integrate Stringee Communication APIs into their existing CRM software and they also use StringeeX as their Contact Center. For these reasons, all of their data are stored and managed in one place, on Stringee’s cloud platform.

Safety and call’s cost reduction

Integrated with Communication APIs from Stringee, Logivan apps for drivers and shop owners were finally equipped with app-to-app calling via internet for free.

If the internet connection between users was unstable, the call would be automatically switched to a normal call through a masked phone number, providing privacy and protect users on both sides.

With this feature, callers’ information is protected, avoiding harassment if conflict ensued. On top of that, users also get to save on calling fee while Logivan minimize the risk that comes from independent dealings outside of their control.

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