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Save nearly 40% on call fees, manage more than 600,000 calls and customer information on a single CRM platform integrated with Stringee PCC APIs

About Homedy

Homedy provides a web / app platform for real estate listings and management, real estate search, real estate listings.

With Homedy, the poster can view and interact with customers viewing the news, manage transactions and have 24/7 support staff.

Buyers can search for all the information needed to find the most suitable apartment while having a great experience during the search with Homedy.

Homedy has provided hundreds of thousands of listings and more than 3.5 million monthly news views, attracted more than 100,000 brokers and over 2 million customers with real estate needs.


Problems of Homedy


With the characteristics of a brokerage firm, service quality is the key factor that helps Homedy gain customer support and thus develop their business.

However, Homedy's call center system - with more than 150 operators - needs to handle thousands of calls every day, with lots of different information from customers (renters / sellers, brokers, Purchase,...).

Homedy used to use call center completely separate from customer management software (CRM), with independent data between the two systems. Therefore, a consultant takes a lot of time to ask questions such as: name, phone number, transaction code, purchase history, problems that have been encountered, ... before handling. problems for customers. In addition, customers feel dissatisfied with having to repeat answers with different consultants.

Therefore, Homedy wants to combine call center and customer management into a single software with the purpose of increasing employee efficiency, increasing customer satisfaction and easily managing all activities of the business.

However, Homedy couldn’t solve these issues by themselves since developing voice call function and integrating it into the system is a difficult technique, requiring long-term development, with many excellent personnel and large costs.

Stringee with the Programmable Contact Center APIs is the perfect solution to Homedy’s problems.

How did Stringee help Homedy solve this problem?

Homedy integrates Stringee Programmable Contact Center APIs into their existing CRM software.

After only 2 weeks of deployment, Homedy's customer information management software has been fully complemented by the features of an intelligent customer care call center with many automated features, streamlining workflow on Homedy’s specific demands.

Identify customers, calling customers right through CRM software

When customers call, the customer management software screen will display the call with customer information. When an employee picks up the phone, a ticket is automatically created on the screen for the employee to note down information. Customer Service staff can also review customer history records, view purchase status, create reminders.

In addition, the Stringee PCC API has an automatic distribution feature that can direct former customers to the same staff who have taken care of them before. Thanks to that, the problems were solved quickly and Homedy achieved much higher customer satisfaction.

By cutting software conversion operations, quickly identifying customers, capturing information history, customer service staff can shorten the time of operation and increase the efficiency of communication.

Manage employee performance

Before Stringee's solution, every Homedy counselor was given a separate cell phone. Homedy has no control over how many calls the employee makes / receives every day, whether he calls back to his missed customers, whether the consultation information is accurate or not, ...

With a solution from Stringee, Homedy's management can control in real time: the number of employees online, the status of calls, the number of calls, dispatch calls to a certain employee, monitor / eavesdrop / take a call / end any call, ...

Homedy's managers can view employee efficiency reports, customer information and all customer service related information on a single software.

Easily customize and expand the number of user accounts

Stringee PCC APIs allow Homedy to flexibly customize information fields, functions according to actual needs without being limited like other pre-designed software.

With Stringee PCC APIs, Homedy can open multiple accounts for agents at different offices anywhere, without investing in additional hardware thus cutting maintenance and warranty costs.

Save on call charges for up to 40%

Stringee PCC APIs comes with Adaptive number solution, automatically allocated to use same network numbers with customers to call to save costs from VND 1200 / minute (if calling off-network) to VND 500 / minute (same network calls). This helps businesses save up to 40% on call charges.

After more than 1 year of use, Homedy has made more than half a million calls through Stringee's system.

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