1. What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to understand humans through keypad input and response with voice. This technology is most used in telecommunications, where IVR systems use a pre-recorded set of dialogue or dynamically generated audio to guide callers to specific services that can be chosen though their keypad.

2. How IVR is used in business

IVR systems are used to service high call volumes at lower cost. IVR can solve callers’ queries without a live agent, in other cases where callers have more complicated questions, they would be transferred to the right agent capable of solving their specific problem ( guided specifically through IVR choices).

IVR is widely used in many business segments due to its helpfulness. IVR can be seen most widely used in the service providing segment, namely in banking. Almost every banking institution are reliant on IVR systems for increasing customer engagement and 24/7 operation extension. IVR is also very useful for medical, insurance, sales, etc.

3. IVR application in Stringee APIs


Stringee brings a ready-to-use IVR system that can easily be implemented with our Contact Center PCC. Stringee’s IVR system provide all basic IVR features as it interact with callers beforehand in order to determine which route is the best for specific customers ( pre-programmed nodes).

Stringee’s IVR has the option to create multiple sets of IVR routes, which can then be attached to different phone numbers ( hotline). Each IVR set includes unlimited nodes and one root. Callers can get from one node to the next or straight to Queue via keypad options.


Each node can be setup with voice response by uploading MP3/WAV or using Text-to-speech technology with a number of different voices provided by Stringee.


Stringee’s IVR also bring a programmable note which can be customized for unique uses:

  • Work hour check: outside of workout leads to one outcome and vice versa
  • VIP check: Check to see if a certain customer is considered a VIP which brings them straight to the top of the queue
  • Read document ( using text-to-speech)
  • Play recorded audio file