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bTaskee allows users to make free app-to-app calls, store call recordings to control the quality of service with Stringee Voice API

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About BTaskee

bTaskee is a phone app that allows users to find hourly domestic help.

Users can find helpers to clean their house, rooms, air conditioner, do laundry, family cooking and many other services.

Users only need a smartphone connected to the internet and 60 seconds, within 60 minutes, users can search for suitable helpers on bTaskee.

With a clear price advantage, a variety of services on demand, fast and safe scheduling with user insurance, bTaskee quickly becomes a favorite phone app - a prime assistant that makes modern life easier.


The problems of bTaskee


Service quality control

As an online connection service, bTaskee is facing the problem of how to control the exchange and agreement activities between users, especially the need for information when a conflict arises.

Cost savings for users

As an intermediary, bTaskee wants to cut down on user costs, providing the most comfortable experience when using bTaskee.

How did Stringee solve bTaskee's problems?

With Call API solution, Stringee solved bTaskeee's two problems at the same time: using automatic recording, storing calls in the system to control information and free API app-to-app call to minimize costs for users

Building a call recording system to provide information when something goes wrong.

As an intermediary providing online services, in the situation of conflicts between users and helpers, bTaskee must act as a "judge" to provide satisfactory solutions.

To solve this problem, bTaskee has applied the automatic call storage feature of Stringee. BTaskee integrates Stringee Call API into its application. When users of the bTaskee app contact each other, the call will be automatically recorded, stored and managed by the system.

Whenever a problem arises between the user and the helper, bTaskee simply takes the user's information such as username or phone number, filters the relevant call history on the data system, then listens to the call recordings again to pinpoint the problem.

Thanks to this feature, bTaskee has developed a strict control system. When an incident occurs, bTaskee always has grounds to give the right solution.

App-to-app free calling for app users.

bTaskee adds Stringee's Call API to their mobile app, allowing users to use mobile/wifi networks to call each other for free.

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