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Manage customer information and increase sales efficiency with StringeeX

About A Dong ADG

A Dong Joint Stock Company is one of the five largest plastic trading and distribution companies in the Vietnam B2B market with main customers being large manufacturing enterprises.

A Dong offers 3 main products: plastic resins, transportation services, logistics services. After more than 10 years of operation, Asia Dong is providing the largest plastic resin categories on the market, a large warehouse system, good transportation, fast delivery, and is a close partner of many domestic and foreign suppliers.

With a young, enthusiastic team led by the business philosophy of "Leading Mind", A Dong's vision is to become the leading and reputable enterprise in Vietnam in the plastic industry, transport and logistic services.

A Dong is on the mission of “Constantly moving forward, striving to create high quality products and services at reasonable prices. Implement satisfactory compensation policies. "


The problem of A Dong ADG

As a B2B business enterprise, A Dong’s main asset is their close global partner database, a list of business customers with large value orders. However, A Dong still manages customer contact information in the traditional way with excel file and through personal contacts of Sales staff.

This brings 2 risks to the business. One is the loss / omission of customer information in the process of storing and exchanging information due to the limitation of storing customer information in excel files. Such a customer information management process also makes employees spend a lot of time on searching / updating customer information, there is no history of customer records to help improve service quality for customers. - A key factor to the success of B2B businesses.

The second risk that A Dong is facing is managing their Sales staff’s tasks. Previously all contacts were made by sales staff via personal phone numbers with customers, so when they quit, they could bring the list of customers to the rival company, causing the company huge damage. For current Sales employees, it is difficult for A Dong to evaluate the effectiveness because all call data is on employees' mobile phones.

Besides, with the traditional call center system, A Dong cannot identify when old customers call, employees are not directly provided historical information about customers so that they can give best advice and care. Hence, A Dong has not optimized their conversion of revenue.

Stringee's solution?

StringeeX is a smart contact center with a mini-customer information management software (mini CRM) that helps ADG manage information effectively and improve customer service.

Effectively manage customer information.

With StringeeX, ADG call center agents can make calls, store call records, manage customer information on computer or mobile.

All customer information will be automatically stored, managed and easily searched for on a single software instead of being scattered in excel files as before. A Dong’s employees anywhere with an internet connection can access the software to search, look up, receive and answer calls from customers.

The StringeeX contact center will automatically create a ticket every time the customer calls A Dong ADG. Each customer will be saved on the StringeeX system as a contact with full phone number, full name, position, company, content exchanged and related isues.

For each customer, StringeeX helps A Dong employees set up automatic features such as callback reminders, appointment scheduling, status updates, etc. When returning customers call, The system will automatically display all information about this customer to the sales staff receiving the call. When sales start, a new ticket is automatically created so that employees can note down the information of the ongoing call. At the same time, employees can search for the entire contact history, listen to the call recording file with customers to provide appropriate solutions.

ADG employees can also listen / call directly from the StringeeX software on the website or StringeeX app on their personal phones. They can set a call to be directed to a personal phone number when they need to go out or to an area without internet so that customer communication is always online 24/7 thus increasing sales efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Sales staff efficiency management.

With reporting, recording and tracking features for management on StringeeX, A Dong ADG can easily monitor the quality of customer service and the performance of each employee. Management can quickly evaluate the efficiency of employees through statistics on call time, missed call rate, response speed, operating status, etc.

When an employee leaves, the new employee can easily receive their customers without difficulty through historical information stored on the software. The company stores and manages customer data scientifically, avoiding unnecessary customer information loss.

Cost savings

With StringeeX smart contact center, A Dong not only establishes a professional greeting when customers call to the call center, but also saves the cost of calling out. A Dong’s employees can call customers by SIP number, or choose the adaptive number mode of selecting outgoing network numbers that correlate with the customer's number to save cost. With this solution, A Dong ADG can save up to 40% on costs.

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