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ACS achieves 100% digital transformation with the support of StringeeX Omnichannel Contact Center Software

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About ACS

ACS Vietnam Trading Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Aeon / Aeon Group - one of the leading retail groups in Japan with more than 168 subsidiaries operating throughout Asia.

Officially licensed and operated in 2008, ACS Vietnam has many years of operation in the field of purchase and sale of goods with deferred payment. The company has developed a nationwide sales network with diverse products such as Phones, laptops, bicycles, electric bicycles, motorcycles, agricultural equipment and electrical appliances, interior furniture, and others.


Analog PBX is difficult to control calls

Analog PBX is a tool that ACS provides customer service agents to work with. Analog PBX uses traditional voice technology and operates through postal lines. When using it, the provider will have to pull the line to the customer's location.

The disadvantage of analog PBX is that it is limited in many features, mainly used for listening and calling. This PBX is also difficult to control calls between agents and customers as well as has no feature to store recording files.

Customer service agents of ACS can only make/receive calls when working at the office. In addition, analog PBX only allows connecting one call at a time, limiting the number of incoming/outgoing calls at the same time.

Bulky customer service teams and low working performance

When using an analog PBX, each agent will use an extension to work and will only be able to make one call at a time. Therefore, the company must prepare a large customer service team as well as IT personnel to deploy and operate to serve ACS stores.

Moreover, to use this traditional PBX system, ACS must spend a large budget on investing in hardware devices (servers, terminal phones, internal line systems, etc.). This will increase the personnel costs that ACS has to pay, affecting the profit of the business.

The agent performance is low because of the use of analog PBX. Employees have to manually enter customer information into Excel, leading to more difficult management and easy data loss.


In 2021, along with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, ACS decided to use StringeeX omnichannel solution for the supermarket chain business and agent appraisal.

ACS converted to StringeeX contact center for the website version. In particular, in the case of ACS, which does not use ACD (automatic call distribution) to ensure calls, the chat is divided equally among each employee.

Digital transformation in the workflow for file appraisal

Not out of the trend of digital transformation, ACS invests in using StringeeX omnichannel contact center to digitize the working process in the appraisal of agents' records. Because Zalo OA is integrated into StringeeX, the operator can easily receive information about the agent's profile and forward it to the next appraisal steps.

For customers who do not use Zalo, ACS allows employees to receive information by hotline and live chat. In the future, ACS intends to use live chat to optimize for each region, so that each employee is in charge of a separate domain.

Save personnel costs

Instead of using analog PBX with cumbersome telephone lines and extensions, ACS upgraded the tool to StringeeX cloud contact center. It allows ACS agents to make voice calls, video calls, or chat on an Internet-connected platform.

This upgrade helps ACS to narrow and reduce the number of employees to 37 direct employees and 20 indirect employees. In addition, StringeeX omnichannel contact center software optimizes ACS's customer reception process via chat channel right on the platform instead of having to use it through a third party (Facebook, Zalo).

Increase employee performance 

Thanks to the StringeeX contact center, ACS has significantly increased the productivity of call center agents. With the previous analog PBX, ACS staff could only use the listening/calling feature with customers. StringeeX improves this drawback by providing a variety of features such as multi-channel integration (voice call, video call, chat, Facebook, Zalo), call storage for monitoring, the simultaneous calling of multiple calls, etc. Thus, it helps each employee to interact with  and support customers from multiple channels on a single interface.

The complete replacement from analog PBX to StringeeX contact center software facilitates ACS to catch up with the trend of digital transformation in sales and customer service processes and at the same time increase employee productivity. ACS's agent profile appraisal is completely digitized, and the verification steps can be received and processed smoothly and quickly.

Certainly, Stringee will continue to be the most optimal and long-term technology partner accompanying ACS in the next stages of development.

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