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Conduct insurance claims inspections with Stringee Video Call and manage customer care using only a CRM integrated with Stringee PCC APIs.

About VietinBank Insurance

VietinBank Insurance is the first insurance company in Vietnam to bring technology into the insurance market by implementing electronic certificates and electronic invoices.

In particular, VietinBank Insurance is also the first unit in the Vietnam insurance market to successfully implement hospital fees guarantee and online claim assessment, online purchase of insurance products through the MyVBI application - changing the insurance market and improving customers’ service experience.


The problems of VietinBank Insurance

Insurance Claims Inspection

Complicated assessment procedures, time-consuming preparation, sending - receiving documents happening back and forth have caused many insurance buyers to give up compensation.

This limitation is a major psychological obstacle that makes customers doubt their insurance coverage when they encounter difficulties in the services they use and consider whether to continue subscribing and using other insurance services.

Customer experience

Many customers who have bought insurance have had trouble when their insurance salespeople quit their jobs. Contracts are not taken cared of, routine care activities are not fully implemented by new employees.

The bad experience that customers had with the brand does not only affect itself, but it also creates a negative impression in the minds of customers, affecting the insurance market in general.

Technology trend

The development of technology brings rapid positive changes in the service industries. To catch up and take advantage of this trend, VietinBank Insurance needs to find and apply the right technology that can make a difference for its services.

Stringee's solution

VietinBank Insurance integrates Stringee Video Call into their MyVBI mobile app for customers and employees, implementing remote insurance claims inspection. They also integrate Stringee PCC into their CRM to help manage customer care quality.

Inspect Claims remotely via Video Call

Thanks to the feature of remote online claims inspection via video call, VietinBank Insurance can assist customers to claim / track claims 24/7 online. Whenever an unfortunate incident occurs, customers only need to notify VietinBank Insurance through their MyVBI app, take photos / videos of the scene to assess the loss and then declare relevant information.

With MyVBI, the total time for compensation processing of VietinBank Insurance is greatly reduced to only 3-5 days instead of 30 days as before, only half the average speed of settlement and is the fastest compensation in the insurance market.

Building a professional Call Center

With Stringee PCC APIs, VietinBank Insurance built an automatic answering system which when customers call, instructs them to press the branch selection key as described, coordinating the right counselor to meet the right customer, recognizing returning customers and automatically brings up related information, etc.

Having a good communication platform, being able to communicate and manage customer information on a single CRM software, customer care employees can easily synthesize relevant information to quickly give appropriate advice. Stringee does not only increases work efficiency, but also provides a more complete customer experience

Monitoring customer care activities thanks to the management features from the Call Center

With the functions of a call center integrated into their CRM software, VietinBank Insurance can monitor customer care calls in real time such as: the number of employees online, the status of calls, number of calls, coordinate calls to a certain employee, track / eavesdrop / take calls / end any calls, etc.

Customizable recording and report features support management in evaluating the results and activities of customer care.

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